Benjamin Tampon Lajarriette

Corporate Accountant


  • French (France)
  • English

+377 99 99 94 65

YPI Monaco

About me

I joined YPI's Monaco team in 2015, having spent a number of years in yacht accounting and finance roles. After gaining a Master's degree in Internal Audit, Management Control and Finance, I worked in the shipping and microelectronics industries, taking me around the world to roles in Marseille, Kuala Lumpur, Bremen and Rotterdam. At YPI, we all work together to tackle challenges in a harmonious way. Our motto could be ‘Yes we can’, which is why I enjoy being a part of the YPI team.

My favourite destination


Corsica must be the only island that in the winter feels like Scotland, with multiple colours and fairytale landscapes, and in summer could be Greece, with warm weather, sun, and clear blue water. I am Corsican and have a house close to the beach and sea, between Ile Rousse and Calvi. I like the fact that Corsicans protect their island - it means they have a strong identity, great cuisine with lonzo, coppa and cheese, and very protected environments such as the Scandola Nature Reserve, where you often see dolphins and whales.