19 June 2018


YPI CEO Laurent Debart participates in Caixin Round Table

Earlier this year, YPI CEO Laurent Debart took part in a virtual round table held by Caixin. Caixin is China’s equivalent of the Financial Times and the most popular and influential online financial news platform in China.


Based on the revelation in the 2017 Global Billionaires Report by UBS and PWC, that the number of billionaires in Asia in 2016 surpassed the United States, the round table brought together leading heads of industry to discuss the rapid increase in high net worth individuals in China, and the 30% increase in the assets of these individuals seen in 2017.


Discussing the topic Expansion of wealthy individuals in China: Financial Management, Inheritance and Consolidatio’ alongside Laurent were Liu Changxin, Market Leader, UBS High Net Worth Individuals and Jin Hainian, Chief Researcher, Noah Private Wealth Management. The round table also discuss Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals and the Efficient Transfer of Wealth.

Watch the full video below: