Uncover the hidden paradise of the Indonesian Archipelago

Unblemished, untainted, and truly unforgettable.

There’s more to Indonesia than the beaches of Bali. Beyond the nightclubs and restaurants of the tourist hotspots, across the Flores Sea and off the beaten track, lies a secluded cluster of paradise islands - unblemished, untainted, and truly unforgettable.

Cerulean waters wash against golden sands, lush rainforests border on turquoise lagoons, and the world’s most colourful sea life mingles just below the surface, waiting to be discovered. For most holidaymakers, these exclusive islands go largely unknown. But for the adventurous explorer, they’re just a luxury yacht charter away.

An untapped haven of natural beauty

Set sail through the world’s largest archipelago, an astonishing collection of more than 17,000 diverse and remote islands scattered throughout the spectacular blue oceans and seas of Indonesia. With more than 80,000km of magnificent coastline to explore - including uninhabited tropical sanctuaries packed with rich wildlife and hidden secrets - there’s no better backdrop for a luxury yacht experience than the sublime natural beauty of the Indonesian islands.

From vibrant reefs to flourishing rainforests

Immerse yourself in the wild jungles covering the hills of Batanta Island, a remote body of land stretched across 60km of dense wildlife and tranquil waterfalls. Discover dragonflies and butterflies among the ancient trees and abundant fauna, before navigating the crystal-clear streams down to the mangrove forests and kaleidoscopic colours of the exquisite coral reefs in the surrounding waters.

Raja Ampat

Charter a private yacht cruise with one of our curated itineraries to the pristine beaches and mystical landscapes of Raja Ampat - a seven-day expedition through some of Indonesia’s most exquisite hidden islands.

Take a sunset hike to the pinnacle of Fam Islands for panoramic views over the emerald lagoons and secluded beaches, with awe-inspiring scenes of the lapping waves from the Halmahera Sea just beyond. Paddle out on a kayak to one of the oldest coral reefs in Raja Ampat - or dive below the crystal waters to find a wealth of diverse sea life, from pygmy seahorses to pinjalo snappers.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Komodo Islands

Our second curated itinerary delves into the exotic wildlife and breath-taking views of the Komodo Islands - a seven-day tour that takes you to new species, new landscapes, and new communities.

Set sail to the Komodo Islands to meet countless indigenous species of wild and mysterious animal - from the protected Komodo dragon and the majestic water buffalo to the 200 unique species of bird found on Sumba Island. Discover remote tribes and experience the local customs in native island communities, such as the village of Wera on the island of Sumbawa, where you’ll witness their customary rituals and the authentic traditions of boatbuilding and water buffalo racing.

Raja Ampat - October to April

From Sorong Airport (SOQ) — 4 hours’ flight from Jakarta (CGK)

Curated itineraries include:
Abun, Ayau Asia, Dampier Strait, Fam, Kaimana, Kawe, Misool, and Sabuda Tartaruga.

Komodo - April to October

From Komnodo (LBJ), Bima (BMU), or Sumbawa Besar (SWQ) Airports — 1–2 hours’ flight from Bali (DPS)

Curated itineraries include:
Alor Pantar, Komodo, Samota, Sape Strait, and Solor.

*Moluccas (Banda sea) is also possible in between seasons (April and October).

Customised itineraries, bespoke adventures

Touch down at Bima or Sorong airport and step aboard your chartered superyacht - to a warm VIP welcome from your own personal crew.

Explore remote island locations in your own time and on your own terms, with a fully tailored itinerary created to capture the sights, sounds, and experiences of your precise dream adventure.

From the tranquil relaxation of an oceanic sunset to the high-octane adrenaline of scuba diving and surfing, our full-service chartered yacht crews are ready and waiting to cater to every detail of your ideal trip. There’s no request too big or small - from cocktails on deck and beachside barbecues, to private helicopters and personal submersibles.

Escape to your dream world with a charter yacht from YPI. We have decades of experience creating unforgettable moments for our clients – just choose your destination and your preferences and we’ll exceed your expectations. Explore remote, untouched beaches. Dine under the stars. Kayak alongside penguins in Antarctica. Whether you desire complete relaxation or an adrenaline rush, no request is too much trouble. Contact our charter team today to create your unique adventure.

Our charter team would be delighted to discuss your charter requirements and build you a bespoke itinerary. Please contact us for more information.