04 November 2020

Update on France and monaco yachting Restrictions

Following the second week of lockdown and curfew, please find the most recent updates on travel and life in the South of France and Monaco.


YPI client experience will remain at your disposal during lockdown and will maintain our services and deliveries. If you need any assistance please contact sarah.futhazar@ypiyachts.com
or call +33 6 64 43 29 38.


Yachts in French waters
On the 02 November 2020, the maritime authorities issued a new decree regulating navigation in the Med. You can find it here  

The decree says:
From 02 November until end of the lockdown in France (at least 01 December 2020)

  • All recreational activities are forbidden (jet skis, cruising on a small boat with friends, paddle boarding etc.).

  • Yachts with professional crew onboard can still enter ports or anchor if they have obtained prior authorisation. Please contact us for more information.

  • A form will need to be completed and kept onboard (sea travel certificate)

  • Yachts will be able to go to the shipyard or reach the berth they have for the winter

  • Yachts can still transit through French waters to go to Italy or Spain for example


The documents needed to enter a French or Monaco port at the moment are:

  • Ship sanitation certificate for commercial yachts over 45m (only needed in certain ports, not all)

  • Sea travel certificate (download it here)

  • Maritime declaration of health (download it  here)

  • Crew list

  • Certificate of registry

  • Certificate of insurance


If you need any assistance for the port authorisation and forms, please contact sarah.futhazar@ypiyachts.com  or call +33 6 64 43 29 38.


Seafarers can still travel to France and Monaco

Although the government has announced that international travel is no longer possible to and from France, this does not apply to seafarers, as they are considered as essential workers.

To arrive safely at the yacht, you will need a lot of documents! If you need any guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Here is the full list:

  • Yacht certificate of registry

  • Yacht crew list (with your name on it)

  • International travel certificate

  • Employer certificate

  • Employment contract

  • Letter from the captain, stamped and signed, in the local language and English explaining the reason for your travel

  • Agent letter to attest your travel is necessary

  • Seaman’s book

  • Seaman's ticket booked on a marine fare with a professional marine travel agency (Blue Marine Travel for example is a very good company)

It's a good idea to have a yacht agent on call to talk to the police if they do not know what a yacht is (it can happen a lot!).

Immigration formalities can still be done in Cannes, Nice and Menton (transit visa, stamp in/stamp out, ship to ship transit visa). Please make sure your chosen agent has made the necessary appointment before you go to the relevant office.

If you need an agent to help you for these formalities, don’t hesitate to contact YPI, we can assist you.



Curfew measures in Monaco more flexible for restaurants

Following the announcement of a curfew reinforcement in Monaco, the rules are more flexible for restaurants:

  • Restaurants can stay open until 21h30

  • Restaurants will furnish diners with an attestation certifying they’ve been dining with them. You can find it here

  • The same exception to the curfew rule will apply to casinos and theatres, where the entrance ticket will suffice as proof

  • Clients will be expected to be at home by 22:00

  • There will be a limit of six per table

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